About Us

Ghostcop is a cookgroup born towards in October 2019. Our cookgroup service takes place mainly on the Discord application, and is based on providing any type of information necessary to ensure all objects with more Hype, request and limited edition. All this happens through our monitors (monitor = notification when a product returns to the shop, or simply when it is added), in fact for about two years we have been providing our members with one of the best monitor services on the sneakergame scene. Obviously we would like to clarify that the cop is not guaranteed by the service we offer but is all based on the skills of our members, despite this, as can be seen from our successes, most of our members remain satisfied with all the services we offer, being present also guides for all the different types of sites and tricks to be able to facilitate the cop. Finally, for any questions you can consult here the following part dedicated to FAQ and any doubt will be resolved, for more info then do not hesitate to contact us on our social networks.